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I just watched the new Black Panther Wakanda Forever teaser and my first reaction was…huh? It looks like they just threw together a bunch of scenes that don’t really make any sense. I have no idea what the plot or storyline is supposed to be about. Also the line that the Queen Mother said in regards to not having any family left made me question what happened to Shuri? We know her husband died in the explosion caused by Winter Soldier, but they don’t say anything about Shuri and the only reference to T’Challa is that sickly looking picture of him on the side of that building. If he is dead in the MCU (and not recast), then why did they use that terrible picture of him? When you make a memorial about

someone, you use a good picture of them when they were at their prime, not when they are on their death bed. Then there was that teaser of the view from behind of someone in a Black Panther suit. What are we supposed to get out of that? I just really think the whole teaser was not well done and just thrown together. Maybe they think we will get excited about all the action scenes and intense and familiar music, and totally ignore the lack of narration that is supposed to indicate where the story is going. I’m probably going to wait until it comes out on Disney+ instead of wasting my money going to see it in theaters with that super weak teaser. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on it. “We Are Comics”

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  1. I may have jumped the gun a little bit by deciding I didn’t like the movie just based on the teaser I’ll wait until I see the real trailer, then figure out if it is worth my money to see it on the big screen. “We Are Comics”

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