Why we say “We Are Comics”

When came up with our slogan, we were thinking “what can we say,
that will make you feel like one of us when you hear it?” We wanted
this phrase to make you feel like you are family because comics
bring so many different people from all walks of life and all
backgrounds together. The fans are the ones that keep comics alive.
We are the ones that talk for hours and hours about comics. We are
the ones that fill up the movie theaters to watch our favorite comic
book characters come to life, then talk about how awesome and
non-awesome the characters were in the movie, and how accurate the
storyline was. We are the ones spending hours reading comic books
over and over, and never getting tired of it. We are the ones that
get excited when we hear about a new comic, have discussions with
other comic heads about which characters are better, and even get
dressed up and re-enact our favorite scenes. We are the page-turners,
the movies watchers, the action figure collectors, the writers, the
artists, and the cosplayers, “We Are Comics”