About McDoji

You owe me $59.99 for the privilege of reading this article! Oh wait…we’ll get back to that. Introductions first. I am McDoji…the resident martial arts expert at United Comics Universe, but don’t tell Ninjetta that because I like to let her think she knows more than me. She still hasn’t paid me my $59.99.

I do videos about martial arts and comics…but mainly my mostest deadliest martial arts in the world, which you can learn for $59.99. I occasionally have arguments with Ninjetta, which I let her win. Don’t tell her that either. You too can learn the art of self-preservation by letting Ninjetta win for the new introductory price of $49.99 (plus $10 shipping and handling).

I use my deadly martial arts skills to protect United Comics Universe from the evil villains in the comics. “We Are Comics”

McDoji McDoJoe’s: Grand Opening Commercial, Come and get your Black Belt. “We Are McDojoe”
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McDoji VS Thanos “Who will Win???” “We Are McDojoe”
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