Hi all you comic nerds and ninja out there. Ninjetta Kage here, and this my review of the MCU film Thor Love and Thunder. First off, I wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was kind of weird seeing Thor being all emo, but I can understand where he was coming from since he had been through more in the last few years than he had ever experienced before. It made him question everything about himself. OK…On to the rest of the movie.

In the very beginning, that selfish diety (I wouldn’t even call him a god) is the very reason why people lose faith in things. There was not a benevolent or compassionate bone in his body, and he treated his loyal follower like he was irrelevant. I think that guy got what he deserved, but his arrogance also unleashed chaos on everyone else by destroying Gorr’s faith in all gods, and leaving him susceptible to the Necrosword.

I thought it was hilarious to see how Korg explains Thors story. It almost looks like he is breaking the fourth wall because he was using the pictures on the screen to show some of the people that Thor lost. When it came to the first battle scenes in the movie, I don’t really see Thor just sitting by while there is a battle raging. Maybe since he knew he could wipe out everybody, he felt like he could just chill and contemplate until they asked him for help. I think all the showboating Thor was doing was just him not knowing how to deal with his emotions. It did look like Starlord liked Thor’s style, since he was saying the line “This ends here and now” to himself while Thor was saying it. But we all know Starlord has a thing for showmanship, so that makes sense. I’m thinking Thor might have been trying to relive his glory days in battle to make himself feel more normal, but he didn’t have the same spirit he used to.

Meanwhile, back on earth…That dude that had the page of Jane’s book torn out by Jane should have had it framed. He actually got to meet the author and she demonstrated one her theories. That book should have been worth a lot, and he should have asked her to sign it. I know if it was me, I would have. I totally agree with Jane on wanting to get back to work instead of sitting there brooding about dying. People need to do what they love when they are facing the possible end of their life, not sit in a hospital wasting away. I think she didn’t want to ask Thor for help because she didn’t know if he would be able to, and she didn’t want to worry him.

When it came to the scenes showing life in New Asgard, I kinda felt bad for Valkyrie. She was a warrior with no real training in being a ruler, but she was doing her best with running Asgard. In a couple scenes she looked like she was imagining being out battling instead doing what she was doing at the time. It was great on the Mjolnir display that they couldn’t lift the fragments, so they cut out the grass and dirt around it to be able to move it. That was a nice touch.

Back with Thor and the Guardians, I loved the goats! I like goats anyway and the crazy screaming they were doing was just shy of being annoying, and made me laugh or at least smile every time I heard it. Apparently the people on the planet didn’t feel the same way since they were quick to tell Thor that he accepted the goats and now must take them with him. I noticed Korg had a ram horn belt buckle, which makes me wonder if goats had some kind of special place in his culture, and that’s why he liked them so much. When Thor was leaving, he was killing me how he was acting like the ship and crew were his and he was giving them to Starlord. It’s great how Starlord was trying to still be a good friend when he actually couldn’t wait to get away from Thor.

I was wondering about some of the gods that Gorr was killing, if they were actually the same kind of god as Thor, because they didn’t turn into golden dust. When Thor got to Sif, the body of the murdered god was still there, so I don’t really know what was going on with that. I think Sif was hoping to go to Valhalla because she knew the rest of her people would be there. Looks like she’ll have to wait!

Now back on earth, I feel like Valkyrie should have had some kind of magical armor or something, she had to fight the battle in her pajamas while Thor and Jane had armor. It was hilarious how Thor made his armor bigger because he saw what Jane was wearing and he wanted to outdo her before he knew it was her. Probably a good thing he did since it looked like it protected him from the Necrosword.

It’s sad that they couldn’t make things work out, I think it was because they both were thinking in the back of their minds that Thor will outlive Jane. In the fight scene between Thor and Gorr, Thor made the same mistake that he made with Thanos. He had Gorr by the throat, but threw him instead using Stormbreaker on him. If he had taken that head, then it would have all been over right there. But I guess that would have been the end of the movie too, so there is that.

After the battle, I think Valkyrie should have knocked the crap out of that dude bringing up writing a play about the crisis while they were still in the middle of it. She looked like she wanted to, but restrained herself. If it had been Sif, that guy probably would have been flying out the window. I love how Thor didn’t even need to shout to get everyone’s attention while everything was so chaotic, he just raised his voice. That showed how much respect people still had for him.

When they were showing the scenes where Thor and Jane were together, and Thor was talking to Mjolnir, it didn’t look like Thor intended to bind Mjolnir to Jane, but it just happened because of their deep connection. Mjolnir is a magical Asgardian weapon, so it probably felt Thor’s desire to protect Jane and basically took it as an order to help with that goal. I’m thinking that if Thor didn’t get Stormbreaker, he might have been able to use Mjolnir the way Jane did if he had got close enough to it when he needed it. Hela probably drained all the energy out of it when she shattered it, and it needed time recover before it could reassemble. I have seen some memes that make it look like Hela was lifting Mjolnir in the scene where she shattered it, but she wasn’t. Mjonir was about to hit her, but she just used her hand to stop it, then crushed it.

I like that Valkyrie was having a warrior sister moment with Jane, they both needed that. I certainly hope the music coming out of Valkyrie’s speaker wasn’t her battle music, that would be weird….at least to me anyway.

When they got to Omnipotence city, Jane was hilarious having fun flying around with the hammer. The banter between Valkyrie and Thor was also hilarious. I’m still wondering what Valkyrie did with the emotion gods that she stole the clothes from, maybe it’s better we don’t know. After seeing the way Zeus and the other gods were acting, I can understand how some of the gods got as bad as the one that created Gorr the god butcher. Zeus was not exactly setting a good example. I’m thinking that the gods that Gorr was killing were actually the ones that were still benevolent to some extent and cared about their people. It looked like the majority of the bad ones were hanging out with Zeus (not to say that all the gods that were there were bad, it just seems like the bad ones would go there). I think the reason why Thor was able to catch Zeus’s thunderbolt and throw it back at him is because Thor’s was more righteous than Zeus. I think the god’s were all supposed to be benevolent, but a lot of them became arrogant and selfish and stopped caring about the people they were supposed to be taking care of.

During the journey to the shadow world, it was hilarious how Stormbreaker would get jealous of the other weapons. That trip also showed that Korg was actually very insightful. It’s like he understands everything going on, but he chooses to still be upbeat and chill…good man…errr rock….umm whatever works. When they arrived on the shadow world, between Stormbreaker, Thunderbolt and Mjolnir they should have been able to light that place up. That would have given them an advantage in the fight, but might have ended the movie too soon. It was great how Thor trusted Jane so much that he didn’t freak out when Jane threw Stormbreaker into space, and just calmly asked her why she did it. We saw in Ragnarok that Thor can just bring down the lightning on his own, so I really don’t know why he didn’t just summon lightning his instead of calling Stormbreaker back, then doing it. I think the MCU is being inconsistent on that point (among others). I know the weapons are magical and all, and they add to his strength, but that was a plot flaw. On a side note, I loved how the goats joined in the battle.

I do not understand how Gorr was able to use Stormbreaker when it had enough personality to be jealous of Mjolnir. It would seem like it would not have allowed Gorr to use it, unless the power of the Necrosword made it so he could bend Stormbreaker to his will some kind of way.

A big point I am wondering on is why couldn’t they have healed Jane when they got back to earth? OK maybe New Asgard hadn’t rebuilt the healing tech they had on Asgard yet or something, or they lost the people that knew how to do it. I could understand that, but why didn’t Thor just take her to Wankanda? He knew about the Wakandans from the Infinity war, unless he didn’t realize they had advanced enough tech to be able to heal the cancer. I could understand that too I guess, since Thor was going through a whole lot right then, and was completely focused on Thanos. It didn’t make any sense to me at all that Mjolnir would be draining Jane’s strength so much that she couldn’t fight the cancer. It’s a magical weapon, it should not need the strength of the wielder. I’m thinking that was one of those plot twists for drama that the MCU did, that doesn’t really make sense but they hope you won’t notice. Same thing with Thor not raining lightning down on Gorr before he had the ax in his hand.

I’m wondering how were the shadow hands Gorr summoned to hold Stormbreaker able to keep holding it with all the light it was giving off? It would seem that all that light would have dissipated the shadows. I’m thinking that Thor might have caught on to why Mjolnir was working with Jane, and that’s how he figured out how to temporarily empower the children to help fight the shadow monsters. In my opinion, that was the best battle scene since the one where Captain America was about to fight Thanos by himself, then all the back up came in through the portals. Meanwhile, back on earth, I think the reason why Jane was able to sense what was going on with Thor is because they are connected through the hammer. That would also explain why Mjolnir was sitting there floating and shaking next to Jane in the bed. It could sense that Thor was in mortal danger and was asking Jane to help. I think Jane was able to get into Valhalla because, in the end, she made the selfless choice to go and save Thor even though she knew using the hammer again would kill her. She knew what she was doing when she had the hammer break apart, then reassemble around the Necrosword fragments, and she voluntarily empowered the hammer and smashed it on the ground to destroy the Necrosword, even though she knew that doing so would make her die. To me that would be the same as dying in the battle.

The ending just showed how good of a person Thor is, because he agreed to raise the daughter of the person that caused Jane to die. I think the Necrosword was using Gorr’s anger and hatred at being betrayed by the god he had so much faith in, to get him to kill all the gods by warping his emotions. Before being betrayed, Gorr seemed to actually be a good, loyal and caring person. He was so dedicated to his beliefs that the idiot “god” that betrayed had to actually spell it out before Gorr understood what was happening. Once he found out from Thor and Jane that he could bring his daughter back with his wish, his love for his daughter overcame his anger and hatred towards the gods at their betrayal. Also the fact that Thor and Jane let him know that his daughter would not be alone. That kind of compassion from people that he was just trying to kill a few minutes before seemed to have broken the hold the sword had on his emotions, and reminded him of being a good person.

Well that is my take on the MCU film “Thor Love and Thunder”. The whole thing was basically a story about love in different forms. The love Thor had for Jane and Jane for Thor, Gorr had for his daughter, Valkyrie had for her people, and Korg just loves in general. Even the goats had love (for Korg at least). What did you think of the movie, and how did you like my review? Leave your comments below and remember, criticism is fine, but keep things civilized. “We Are Comics”

2 thoughts on “Thor Love and Thunder review

  1. Hey a great read thanks for your opinion!

    As for me I’m yet to watch this film and new take on Thor so I guess I’ve kinda spoiled it for myself but still I’m willing to give it a watch as it does seem interesting. Oh and at least this time I’ll have a better understanding of the plot as usually it’ll take me a few watching till I understand what’s going on.

    1. Thanks! We are glad you enjoyed it. The movie was good, you should be able to enjoy it even with all the spoilers you already know. “We Are Comics”

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