About United Comics Universe

Welcome to United Comics Universe! We are an American Patriot variety website. We are a collective of Martial Artists and Comics Heads, whose goal is to bring you the best nerdiness, urban, wacky style, ridiculous comedy, and comic entertainment. We are also a creator content network with multiple ongoing series such as Hot One News, The Lit Up, Let’s Talk, Intel Drop, and Comics Reports. “We Are Comics”


We are a family of martial artists, and we found out that we have a shared love of comics. It all started when Jonin Sho introduced Fenrir Moon to Marvel Moon Knight comics. Fenrir was already into Justice League, Superman and Aquaman, but hadn’t read any Marvel comics. Fenrir enjoyed the story and the twists and turns of the plot so much that we all had a discussion about it. That is when we discovered that we share a love of comics, and decided we wanted to share this love with the world! Over the years our content has only gotten better and better as we learned our way around cameras, sound equipment, and editing programs.

Just as we were starting to gain momentum on youtube…we got shadowbanned. At first, we thought our content wasn’t engaging enough (we didn’t know about shadow banning back then). We did more research, got more creative, and put more blood, sweat, tears, money, and resources into our content. Our subscribers and views slowed to a crawl, and we could not figure out why. We realized what had happened when people started telling us they didn’t know why our channel wasn’t bigger, because we have great content. Our subscribers also started letting us know that they were being unsubscribed, comments were not showing up, likes were disappearing, notifications were being turned off and our videos were not showing up in specific search results. Also, some of our videos were taken down without explanation, and we got copyright strikes on videos that had free-to-use content. That is when we realized that we managed to piss off youtube with some of our videos talking about positivity, unity, and patriotism. Also, many of our predictions about the MCU were right. Since then we have been heavily censored on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit) and video-sharing platforms (Instagram, youtube). We have also found fake accounts almost identical to ours (the only difference being there is no s on the word comics), which we figure was their attempt to redirect our traffic, all of which were made after our youtube channel was established (aka a youtube channel called unitedcomicuniverse, our Instagram link being redirected to an Instagram account also called unitedcomicuniverse, and a website called unitedcomicuniverse.com) BUT!!! This can’t stop your Comics Ninja from pushing forward!

We cover every kind of comic because variety is the spice of life. We cover Marvel, DC, and everything in between. There are a lot of good artists and storytellers out there that get shoved out of the spotlight by bigger comic book companies. We include things like manga and anime, basically, if it was ever in a comic we will talk about it! This includes things like Star Wars, Star Trek, Powerpuff Girls, Dracula, Baby Cart and Pearl aka Lone Wolf and Cub, Peacock King, and anything else we can get our eyes on. We also cover anything in and around pop culture that is comic-related. We will take you on a journey through character bios, storylines, theories, predictions, and much more.

United Comics Universe is for fans, by fans. Our network includes JoninSho (host, writer, and narrator), Mamanin aka Free Ferret (writer, narrator, and artist), Battle Cat aka Sorceress Supreme (writer), Fenrir Moon aka McDoji (editor, narrator, cameraman, sound, writer, and host) and Ninjetta Kage (narrator, writer, and hostess). “We Are Comics”

We Want to Help the World Come Together Through Comics

Comics are not just for entertainment. They are a way for the creators to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings on different topics that is fun and easy to understand. Comics can address current events, social issues, and moral issues in a safe environment that sparks discussion, which can lead to understanding between different groups. A shared interest can bring people together that would normally never meet, thus promoting unity and understanding in the world at large. We have more in common than not, and that is why we decided on the name United Comics Universe. We want to unite the universe through shared enjoyment. We are United. We are the Universe. “We Are Comics”